First and foremost, Dan is a technologist.

With a broad background including degrees in Computer Science and Aerospace Systems, Anaero Consulting exists to cultivate technical solutions with a broad awareness of available technologies, requirements and risk.

Past projects have included integrating solutions based on:

  • Geospatial data, including LIDAR.
  • Game engines, including UE4 and Unigine.
  • Virtual Reality
  • Simulation, including motion platforms and integration with in-service simulators in shared environments
  • LAMP development, hosting and support
  • Javascript/jQuery scripting utilising dynamic data supplied through JSON/AJAX
  • Microcontroller programming and intrgration with web-based technologies including ESP8266 IOT devices and Bluetooth beacons.
  • Requirements definition and management of customer/supplier relationships
  • AWS hosting, including EC2 instances, SMS integration and backup solutions
  • Data extraction and analysis, including aircraft sensor data and flight data extraction and visualisation
  • Format manipulation and data transformation, including dynamic transcoding, metadata creation and dynamic audio / video extraction.

Anaero is passionate about technology and understanding the available technological options that exist to decrease development risk and increase the capability and possibility of systems and products.